Does the Estate Tax Really Hurt Small Businesses and Farmers?

Estate tax critics very often say the estate tax hurts farms and family businesses. I certainly don’t want to enter the tax vs. limited tax debate so I will offer no opinion here but the dialogue should be with the facts, not statements that are repeated so often they get… Read More

Benefits of receiving inheritance in trust over outright distribution

Leaving an inheritance to a beneficiary outright makes the money subject to the person’s creditors, divorcing spouses and of course their own lack of maturity with the funds. By leaving the inheritance in trust, these concerns can be addressed. While the funds for this beneficiary are held in trust for… Read More

Is A Trust Really Necessary?

This question gets asked a lot. Everyone should have an estate plan, meaning a Will, powers of attorney, and similar. But when should you have a trust? The benefit of revocable trust include a tool to assist us in the event of our incapacity. Instead of going to court to… Read More