What Happens If You Die Without a Will?

This was a column in a local paper that got me thinking that this is actually a very commonly asked question. First, it doesn’t all go the State. It may but this is very unlikely. Basically, the State of Arizona has written a Will for you if you fail to… Read More

How Much Does the Government Take When you Die?

This question gets asked a lot. Sometimes it is asked if the Feds or Arizona tax you when you die? Sometimes it is asked if the State gets part of your estate when you die? Mostly it is thought of in terms of probate whether you have a Last Will… Read More

Does the Estate Tax Really Hurt Small Businesses and Farmers?

Estate tax critics very often say the estate tax hurts farms and family businesses. I certainly don’t want to enter the tax vs. limited tax debate so I will offer no opinion here but the dialogue should be with the facts, not statements that are repeated so often they get… Read More