When To “Wait And See” With A Disclaimer Trust

Summer has come to a close and Congress has yet to make a decision on the upcoming “fiscal cliff” which could have a dramatic impact on the estate tax landscape for high — but not “ultra high”  — net worth families. With that cliff approaching, what should these moderately high… Read More

Avoid These Common Pre-Retirement Blunders

A single financial misstep right before retirement can mean the difference between peace of mind and constant money worries in later years. Misinterpreting a spouse’s retirement dreams, failing to plan for emergencies and spending too much are just a few of the mistakes folks approaching retirement may make. Below, financial… Read More

Common Estate Tax Issues in the State of Arizona Addressed by James G. Knollmiller

Seeking the assistance of a Certified Tax Specialist for estate planning, trusts, wills and other tax services can help you avoid common tax issues. The State Bar of Arizona Certified Tax Specialist and CPA, James G. Knollmiller is known around the Phoenix valley for his assistance in complex tax matters.… Read More

Farmers Should Plan for Uncertainty with Estate Tax

Arizona Estate Planning Firm, Knollmiller and Aerenofsky, LLP offers advice for farmers regarding increase of estate tax. In the July 9, 2012, edition of USA Today there is an article sounding the alarm for farmers with regard to the estate tax (see USA Today, Farmers, beware: Estate taxes could rise sharply in… Read More

Are Trusts Always The Best Option?

By Law Office of Bonnie Lawston Over the years there has been a lot of chatter about avoiding probate because it’s this horrible expensive “monster.” It’s not. Look at the people or the source that is claiming its horrible – its services and people who are trying to convince you to… Read More

James G. Knollmiller Certified Tax Specialist Serving Maricopa County

Mr. Knollmiller is qualified and experienced in providing unique and complex estate plans for individuals and families. Certified Tax Specialist, Mr. James G. Knollmiller, is trusted throughout the Phoenix Metro area for tailored Arizona estate planning services for the unique needs of each family. Mr. Knollmiller has been a partner with the… Read More

Starting or reorganizing a business?

We assist with all aspects of starting or reorganizing small and medium-sized businesses, including: Selecting the business entity that meets the client’s goals, including limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships (LPs) and general partnerships, joint ventures, S-Corporations, and professional corporations (PCs) Completing and filing the incorporation paperwork with the Arizona Corporation… Read More

Family Governance Essentials for Successful Wealth Planning

Charles W. Collier, author of Wealth in Families, reveals that the hardest, most rewarding part of the planning process is asking essential questions about what people want to preserve — besides financial wealth — and how they can enhance each family member’s growth.1 By navigating the challenging issues and responsibilities associated with wealth, you can implement… Read More

Financial Moves for the Terminally Ill

By Byrd Garrett PLLC A recent article in Forbes points out that the terminally ill face several financial and estate planning questions that, though not often spoken about, are very important. If you’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness, it’s important to speak to an estate planning attorney as soon as possible so… Read More

Knollmiller & Arenofsky, LLP are your Arizona Estate Planning Specialists

the Arizona estate planning specialists at Knollmiller and Arenofsky assist clients in allocating their assets for the future. The law office of Knollmiller & Arenofsky, LLP has been serving the greater Phoenix area since 1974 specializing in estate planning cases. The team at Knollmiller & Arenofsky has the experience and dedication… Read More