Using The Online Estate Planning Tool On Knollmiller & Arenofsky, LLP’s Website

Although many websites such as LegalZoom offer online estate planning services, however, they almost always fall short in catering to a person’s needs. In other words, it is never the same as working with an actual estate planning law firm to get a quality custom made estate plan. A benefit of using the online estate planning program offered at is it is just like working with an Arizona law firm that focuses primarily on estate planning to craft the desired estate plan. This is a unique online program that combines the convenience of online usage with the quality of retaining an experienced law firm. The online program caters exclusively to clients looking to create a revocable trust; not a will.

One of the benefits of the program is that you are not alone during the process of setting up your estate plan. The program has a simple to use Q&A format to create the estate plan and you have the opportunity to speak to an attorney to relay your wishes. Knollmiller & Arenofsky, LLP are an actual law firm in Mesa, Arizona so any potential issues that may arise in the future are thoroughly covered. However, it is important to remember that this particular online program does not facilitate people who want to make changes to an existing trust or estate plan.

The online estate planning program fulfills the estate planning needs of people in the majority of cases. However, the program is unable to deal with out of state property, out of state clients, or clients with estates that are extremely complex than what the program is intended for. The program is designed to immediately notify people whom this program is unable to assist and no expenses are charged. The Online Estate Planning System is very easy to use. It contains simple questions, several optional answers and upon completion, it is submitted to Knollmiller & Arenofsky, LLP for implementation.

If any issues arise, you have the ability to communicate with Knollmiller & Arenofsky, LLP directly because they have created a simple, affordable and easy to use estate planning program. The attorneys at Knollmiller & Arenofsky, LLP are Arizona licensed lawyers who give their professional opinion that the trust and estate plan is valid and legal in the State of Arizona.