Why Should I Use Your Online Estate Planning Tool?

The benefit of our online program is you are working with an Arizona law firm and getting a quality estate plan, just as you would if you went into an actual law firm that focuses primarily on estate planning. We believe this is unique for an online program. It combines the convenience of online with the quality of an experienced law firm.

Can I Create A Trust And Will With The Online Estate Planning Tool?

The online program is exclusively for those clients looking to create a revocable trust but not a will.

Will I Be Creating My Estate Plan All On My Own When Using Your Online Estate Planning Tool?

This is the benefit of the program; the client is not alone during the process. Not only does the program have a simple to use Q&A format to create the estate plan, you also have the opportunity to speak to an attorney to go over your wishes. We are an actual law firm in Mesa, Arizona so if any issues arise in the future we are here to assist you.

How Do I Make Changes To My Trusts Or Other Tools With The Online Estate Planning Tool?

Unfortunately, the program does not facilitate those clients wanting to make changes to their existing trust or estate plan at this time.

Is There Anything I Can’t Do With The Online Estate Planning Tool Such As Dealing With Property Or Assets Out Of State?

The online estate planning program works in the far majority of cases. The program is however unable to deal with out of state property, out of state clients, or clients with estates that are more complicated than what the program is intended for. If you are in the small minority where this program is unable to assist you, the program will notify you immediately and no funds are collected.

Is The Online Estate Planning System Easy To Use?

Very easy to use. Simple questions, several optional answers and upon completion it is submitted to us for implementation. As issues may arise, you have the ability to communicate with us directly. We feel we have created a simple, affordable and easy to use estate planning program.

How Do I Know Using The Online System Will Create A Valid Legal Estate Plan?

Our attorneys are Arizona licensed lawyers and give their professional opinion that the trust and estate plan is valid and legal in the State of Arizona.

For more information or to get started on your estate plan Using The Online Estate Planning Tool, click here online.aboutestateplanning.com. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (480) 345-0444 today.