What Is The Online Estate Planning Tool Your Firm Offers?

The online estate planning tool we have created permits clients to go through the entire estate planning process online, without coming into our office. The only direct communication with the attorney is a short telephone conversation between an attorney and the client, confirming their selections and the attorney advising them that it will meet their goals.

Can Anyone Use The Online Estate Planning Tool?

Almost anyone can use the online program. This is best suited to those that prefer having their goods and services done from their own home or office. This also assumes that the client’s estate is not overly complicated thus requiring an actual meet and greet with an attorney in the office.

What Are The Benefits To Using An Online Estate Planning Tool vs Coming Into An Attorney’s Office?

Saving time and money. With the increase in online shopping and online services, legal services are a natural progression of this change. It fits anyone’s schedule and time limitations.

Is The Online Estate Planning Tool More Expensive Than Coming Into Your Office?

No, it is actually less. The product is the exact same and the saving, while not large, is still more affordable than an office visit.

How Secure Is The Information I Enter Into The Online Estate Planning Tool On Your Website?

We had an internet security professional create our site and he continues to monitor it daily. The only people that will ever see a client’s information are the attorneys and staff of the law firm. That information is of course attorney-client privileged.

Can I Make Changes To The Information Entered In The Online Estate Planning Tool?

A simple phone call or email will get the change immediately in place if done prior to the signing of the documents.

Are There Real Attorneys Assisting Me On The Other End Of The Online Estate Planning Tool?

We think this is the beauty of our online program. You get to work with actual attorneys, licensed here in Arizona. That’s what sets us apart from the other online programs.

What Information Do I Need To Complete The Online Estate Planning Forms?

We are going to ask questions about you, your family and your goals for your estate upon your eventual demise. We will ask who you trust to handle your estate affairs if you are unable and who you would like to leave your estate to in the case of your death.

Will I Ever Speak To An Attorney After Completing The Online Estate Planning Form?

Every client will speak to an attorney. This gives the client the assurance that what they are wanting is in fact what is being created for them. Questions get answered and any issues get addressed. You have an actual attorney representing you in the creation of an estate plan to benefit yourself and your heirs.

What Makes Your Program Different/Better Than Other Estate Planning Services In Arizona?

The other programs are either nationally based document preparers. If local, they tend not to be actual attorneys. We believe what we have created is unique. Arizona licensed attorneys with a combined 70 years of experience to meet the legal needs of the online community.

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